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			   ACN Sponsor-A-Pet form
___Yes! I will be a hero to a homeless pet. Please open another spot
in your foster care network to rescue a ___cat ___dog ___any animal
in need.Enclosed is my tax-deductible sponsorship of $75.
Name _____________________________ Address____________________________
City __________________________ State ________ Zip Code ______________
Phone __________________ E-Mail_______________________________________
Method of payment __ Money order __ Check __ PayPal
__Please acknowledge my Gift Sponsorship to:
Name ___________________ Address _______________________________
City ________________________ State __________ Zip _____________
Phone ____________________Email ________________________________
Please make checks payable to ACN and mail to:
ACN Sponsor-A-Pet
PO Box 1704
Skyland NC 28776
Or pay online through paypal. For more information please call us
at (828)258-4820

ACN, the largest animal welfare organization in WNC, is designated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit.