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About ACN

Animal Compassion Network, founded in 1997, has grown to over 500 members and volunteers. ACN is a non-profit animal rescue group that fosters and finds homes for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Western North Carolina exness. Through a lot of hard work, ACN has found loving, permanent homes for almost 2,500 cats and dogs since 1999.

What do we do?

An important part of our mission is to provide an alternative to kill shelters operated with county funding. As people become more aware of the millions of animals euthanized in our nation each year, our society strives to move towards a no kill solution. ACN is doing its part to move Western North Carolina in this direction but we cannot do it alone exness forex. Without community support, our efforts alone are not enough to solve this huge national problem.

The programs we provide as a service to the community are listed below:

bulletPet food programs for the elderly, disabled and indigent, including Meals on Wheels
bulletSpay/neuter assistance for the pets of indigent pet owners
bulletLow cost rabies and vaccination clinics to promote public health and safety
bulletEducation programs in the schools on responsible pet ownership
bulletTelephone help line for counseling, referrals and assistance with animal related issues and problems
What is the Betty Fund?

ACN established the Betty Fund Spay/Neuter Project in 2000 to address the animal overpopulation problem in Western North Carolina. This program strives to reduce the number of unaltered companion animals by offering the economically disadvantaged, the elderly, the disabled and other indigent individuals the opportunity to spay/neuter their pet free of charge or at a drastically reduced rate.

One unaltered dog or cat and its first generation can produce up to 200 kittens or puppies in a year. This translates into 67,000 puppies in six years for a dog and 420,000 kittens in seven years for a cat. Spaying and neutering is the only permanent humane solution exness broker.

Since the program's inception, more than 390 animals have been spayed or neutered. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of people and animals we help each year. This will only be possible if this program receives the funding it needs to continue. Individuals contributions are necessary to supplement our many funding efforts. You can contribute by mailing your donations to:
ACN/Betty Fund, PO Box 1704, Skyland, NC 28776.

How do we continue to grow?

Funding: ACN spent over $40,000 on veterinary care for the animals in 2001. Where does this money come from? It comes from donations from our community; grants, membership dues and fundraising events put on by our volunteers. As we continue to grow, we strive to help more and more animals which requires more and more money. You can make a donation by completing the donation section of the Membership Form. You can also make donations of needed supplies (see our Wish List).

Volunteers: Our volunteers are what keep ACN going. Time is a very valuable thing to each one of us. Volunteers donate their time in large and small increments - all of it keeps ACN moving forward. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please Contact Us. We are looking for volunteers for numerous activities.

Membership: ACN currently has over 200 members. By becoming a Member you will receive discounts from the current business sponsors (see Member Benefits). If you would like to support ACN by becoming a member, simply fill out the Membership Form and mail it to the address listed. A membership package will be mailed to you shortly.

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ACN Mission

Animal Compassion Network (ACN) is dedicated to the welfare of innocent animals. ACN was created with the philosophy of not setting geographic boundaries for helping animals. Our specific goals are animal rescue, foster care, pet placement, spaying and neutering, and public education. ACN has been working within the community since 1997, and has placed hundreds of animals in loving homes. Our network of volunteers and foster homes, rescues and rehabilitates unwanted or needy animals in Western North Carolina. 

Turning an animal over to ACN

If you would like to turn a pet over to ACN  please contact us or call 258-4820. 

This phone line is staffed by volunteers and your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you do not get a return call within 48 hours, you can call again.


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Foster Homes: ACN does not have a shelter. We are limited in our ability to help more cats and dogs by our limited number of foster homes. If we have nowhere to temporarily place a dog or cat, we cannot bring it into our network, therefore a strong foster home network is imperative to the success of our adoption program. The average length of stay in a foster home is one to three months (this can vary based on many factors). ACN can provide food, vet care and supplies, such as kennels and doghouses if available. The foster home provides the love and attention. If you are Interested in Fostering a dog or a cat, please Contact Us.

Accessibility: ACN strives to make the public aware of the services we offer at a minimal cost. Advertising for Events and Fundraisers is done through the local media (TV, radio and newspapers). Bulletin boards are posted in locations in the Asheville area, as are brochures on our services, membership and volunteer opportunities.

ACN also has its own telephone help line available to the public. This line includes information on upcoming events and animal resources in the area. It also allows you to leave a message if you need help with an animal, have behavioral or training questions or are interested in adopting an animal. A volunteer checks the message line daily and returns the calls as quickly as possible.

How can you help?

ACN is a group of people who love animals and work hard to make a better life for our animals and to improve our community. We have jobs, families and responsibilities but are willing to give a little bit extra to make a difference. You too can help make a difference by making a monetary donation, making a donation of needed supplies, joining as a member and/or joining as a volunteer. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated by all of us and the animals that are rescued.

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